dave malloy

The Sewers

FoolsFury's Fury Factory, Traveling Jewish Theatre, SF, November 05
Ontological-Hysteric Theater, NYC, June 06
Dublin Fringe Festival, September 06
SF Fringe, September 07

Written by Jason Craig
Arranged by The Ensemble
Directed by Mallory Catlett
Music/Sound Design by Dave Malloy
Set by Peter Ksander
Lights by Miranda Hardy

Jason Craig, Rod Hipskind, Jessica Jeliffe, Heather Peroni

Oh, babies. Everyone with baby. Baby baby.
A Victorian farce set in a mutated future. Weird, weird.Ssomething in the air.

Music was lots of loud electrical noise and relentless bass beats played through Richard Foreman's kickass speakers. Okay.

*Best of Fringe, SF Fringe 2007*
*Best Production, Dublin International Fringe Festival 2006*
*Best of 2006, Time Out New York*

"Stunning. BB&B manages to transform black-box space into steam-punk palace with fizzing electric lights; tattered 19th-century-inspired costumes embellished with futuristic goggles, tail-like cables, and winking LEDs; and rotting newspaper walls peppered with secret cubbyholes, pulleys, and wheels. Barely human characters (a husband and wife, her sister, and a shady individual in a filthy butcher's apron whose identity remains obscure) scratch at the landscape's tattered fragments and question everything from ability to procreate to rudiments of good stage acting. At times dripping with black humor and physical energy, at others moodily lyrical, The Sewers combines hints of Chekhov and Blade Runner into intoxicating mix."

-Chloe Veltman, SF Weekly

"The Sewers is the most breathtaking and beautifully original play I've seen Off-Off-Broadway this year. Rarely is work this challenging and innovative also so sumptuously entertaining."

-William Cordeiro,

"...grubbily gorgeous...the smutched set, a riot of newsprint and grating by Peter Ksander, is a wonder, as is the creaking, clattering score by Dave Malloy"

-Alexis Soloski, The Village Voice

"...first and foremost, a technical marvel, the lighting designed by Miranda Hardy, and the soundscape by Dave Malloy. The contributions of these artists are invaluable and, in their own way, quite spectacular."

-Martin Denton,

"The cast of four skillfully maneuvers some of the best writing and most interesting lighting and sound effects to be seen on stage right now. As a brillant, original, and engaging theatrical experience, this piece is absolutely not to be missed. This show is funny, touching, intelligent, disturbing, and frightening: a chemical banquet for the mind and senses."

"The sound and music is haunting and clever and violent and timed to a tee."

-Reader Reviews, The New York Times