dave malloy

Black Wizard / Blue Wizard

A philosophical musical fantasia

Incubator Arts Project
Dec 2013/Jan 2014

MUSIC (live recording):

and sheet music here


Blue Wizard / Black Wizard
Text by Eliza Bent (and Dave Malloy)
Music by Dave Malloy (and Eliza Bent)
Directed & Choreographed by Dan Safer

Eliza Bent, Nikki CalongeMikeah Ernest Jennings, Dave Malloy
Andy Strain on trombone

CORE: Hollis Beck, Siena D'Addario, Diana Egizi, Philip Gates,
Victoria Giler, Tori Khalil, Amy King, Vanessa Koppel, 
Teri Madonna, Kris Opperman, Mark Taylor, Eleanor Hall Watson

Set Design by Mimi Lien
Lighting Design by Yi Zhao
Video Design by Michael De Angelis
Costume Design by Oana Botez
Stage Management by Maurina Lioce
Assistant Stage Management by Eh-den Dinah Perlove
Live Sound by Joshua Chang
Technical Directing by Derek Dickinson

Executive Producer - John Logan
Producers - Samara Naeymi; Markus Potter/NewYorkRep;
Polly, David and Olivia D’Addario; Randy & Indra.


“The closest thing we've ever seen to a stoner musical!...And that's not a bad thing! We felt high just being there! Wizards! Existential crisis! Donuts! Wonton food and wonton thoughts! So much to love about this show…blissfully surreal! Malloy appeared in the show himself and now having seen two VERY DIFFERENT shows of his, we are instantly hooked on him and can't wait to see what he does next! He is going to be a needed anti-hero of contemporary American musical theater!”
-Perez Hilton, Perez Reviews

“Nerdtastic…a musical with spell-casting, 20-sided dice, metaphysical arguments, Dunkin Donuts & live trombonist. After Great Comet, Dave Malloy confirms his status as top composer.”
-Elizabeth Vincentelli, NY Post/10 Tweet review

“A delightful take on contemporary ennui and the search for meaning in a post-recession, celebrity-conflict-obsessed culture. Equal parts Tolkien, MTV game show, Ziggy Stardust, and John Hughes movie…The text and music, by Eliza Bent and Dave Malloy (who are also our wizards), are shape-shifting satires of genre: the characters are never in the place they want to be, never satisfied with the relationships in and with space and time, their genre of the moment peters out as quickly as it is presented…This sense of defiance is served well by the direction of Dan Safer, whose wonderful experiments are infamous for their indeterminate structures, game-like challenges, and playful, but precise movement.”
-The Obscene Jester

“A mash-up of classical art, modern pop culture, depression inducing anxiety, electronic music, pole dancing, and mystical battles for the future of mankind’s very existence….Beyond just a mash-up of themes, Blue Wizard / Black Wizard is a mash-up of forms. It is part musical, part play, part game show, part multimedia project, and part interactive theatre (if you’re the kind of person who thinks that’s different from regular theatre). It fits together surprisingly well and ends up feeling both surprising and entirely cohesive. It’s a musical that’s informed by the Internet generation, and it shows. All of the major players are young, and the thirteen back-up dancers are all either college students or recent post-grads, some of both from NYU. It’s strange and funny and sad in a way that only this generation can be.”
-Adam Cecil, NYU Local