dave malloy

Haarlem Berlin
Book and Lyrics by Talaya Delaney
Music by Dave Malloy
Conceived with and Directed by Rachel Chavkin

Vassar College Powerhouse Theater, October 2009

Production Designers (Lights and Set etc.): Mike Faba and Julia Kann
Musical Director: Ben Davis
Sound Designer: Nathan Birnbaum
Hair and Makeup: Kate Thulin
Fight Choreographer: Russell Woron-Simmons
Stage Manager: Molly Shoemaker
Assistant Stage Manager: Hilary Tandy
Assistant Director: Deadria Harrington
Assistant Set/Prop Designer: Magnolia Swanson

Sound Board Op: Chris Martel

Circusmaster: Jamie Watkins
Helita: Lilli Cooper
Haarlem Berlin: Henry Behel
Ivan: Zach Huckel-Bauer
Verlin: Laura Dooling
Peter: Ben Morrow
Marie: Greg Sullivan
Sub General: Seth Biberstein
Soldiers: Dylan Evans, Aaron Fagan, Domino Gehred-O’Connell, Irina Kaplan, Sam Lahne, Gus Meuschke, Zack Miller, Shannon Odell

Byron Bartlett (Violoncello), Liz Biro (Flute/Alto Saxophone), Catherine Buxton (Oboe), Christopher Campbell-Orrock (Violoncello), Amelia Couture (Trombone), Ben Davis (Piano), Kevin Fulton (Alto Saxophone), Riley King (Percussion), John Murchison (Bass), Samantha Shin (Harp), Mark Van Hare (Guitar), Serena Wong (Viola)

this image is by Kelley Van Dilla

these photos are by Jim Mills