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Jamie Kaye-Phillips
Paradigm Talent Agency

Mark Subias, SMUGGLER

Sheet Music available here

there are people i can vouch for:



visualio e designititia

dave malloy

i really wanted,
but it was already taken by some other guy.

also, i'm not a famous country music producer.
close, but that's someone else.

furthermore, i had nothing to do with that david spade incident.


totally 90s web design by me. i got a book on dreamweaver from the library.

a note on the punctuation:
i think that putting context specific punctuation inside of quotation marks looks stupid.

a note on the word "theatre":
this -re/-er shit drives me fucking crazy. ive got a system though, i've got a system.

a note on that alphabetization over there:
i love first name alphabetization. it's so much truer to me.

all music is copyright dave malloy and blue wizard music (ascap)
and can be used for fun. but not for money. c'mon.

example: say you're elton john.
say you find a song you like on here and bring it to a party or something. and people get down.
that's cool.

and then, maybe you send me a million dollars, just cuz you've got it. you know, as a thanks.
that's cool too.

what's not cool is this:
you're elton john, you're behind on your deadline for the new power ballad for pocahontas III, and so you just take one of my songs and say its yours.
and then get a grammy with it?
and sarah jessica parker's all, "elton, elton!"?
that's not cool, elton!