dave malloy


Ten Red Hen Productions Presents


Created by Maya Gurantz, Dave Malloy and the Ensemble
Music and Lyrics by Dave Malloy

Willard Metalshop Theater
March 22-April 12 2007


With the loyal you show yourself loyal;
with the blameless you show yourself blameless;
with the pure you show yourself pure,
and with the crooked you show yourself perverse.

Cast & Crew
Ned Brauer (Adam, Saul, Ensemble)
Daniel Bruno (Percussion, Ensemble)
George Michael Chan (Solomon, Ensemble)
Jane Chen (God, Jesus)
Sig Hafstrom (Viola, Ensemble)
Will Howard (Cain, Samson, Viola, Ensemble)
Kazumi Kusano (Eve, Nahash, Mean Mother, Ensemble)
Dave Malloy (Job, Judas, Piano, Accordion)
Andre Nigoghossian (David, Guitar, Tin Whistle, Violin, Ensemble)
Conrad Seto (Bass, Ensemble)
Issabella Shields (Abel, Moses, Violin, Ensemble)
Alexis P. Wong (Sarah, Good Mother, Ensemble)

Director: Maya Gurantz
Composer, Music Director: Dave Malloy
Set Designer: Adrian W. Jones
Lighting Designer: Raymond Oppenheimer
Stage Manager: Sarah Elovich
Production Manager: Mike Howard
Clown Trainer: Jane Chen
Acrobatics Trainers: Issabella Shields, Will Howard



"Hilarious, haunting, and unexpectedly challenging...the show plays fast and loose with Scripture, but it creates some thought-provoking connections in the process. The songs by Dave Malloy, who leads the band on piano and later doubles as Job and Judas, are often darned catchy. The magic of the show lies less in any great spectacle of circus arts than in the way it can turn from funny to devastating in an instant, and how it makes you look at these old stories in a new way."
-Sam Hurwitt, East Bay Express

"A theatrical event of real magnitude...with a bright little orchestra (under the baton of composer Dave Malloy) cooking away alongside the familiar tableaux of the recalcitrantly naughty generations of our race, and both persons of the godhead played with brilliant intensity, physical and vocal, by the divine Jane Chen. The ensemble itself is due full, heartfelt praise, as is Ten Red Hen founder Maya Gurantz, for a truly collaborative show that brings out each red-schnozzed player polyphonically, contributing to the unique style and flavor of this bravura piece. Clown Bible doesn't degrade scripture, but elevates the quietly sad or manically grinning countenance of the clown, spotlighting in bold onstage little, quirky details, until spasms of laughter are replaced by a smile of wonder at the ineffability of the ordinary."
-Ken Bullock, Berkeley Daily Planet




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