dave malloy

five days in march
la mama etc, NYC, 5/10

with Witness Relocation

Written by Toshiki Okada
Translated by Aya Ogawa
Directed/Choreographed by Dan Safer

Co-Created and Performed by
Heather Christian, Sean Donovan, Chris Giarmo, Mike Mikos, Wil Petre, Laura Berlin Stinger and Kourtney Rutherford

"Buoyed by Dave Malloy’s puckish electronic score, Okada seems sweeter, funnier and less ritualistic than he did in Enjoy, despite a turn to overtly political and sexual elements here. Again the writer bombards us with the stop-and-go rhythms of actual speech, but cast members such as Wil Petre and Kourtney Rutherford interpret his false starts as adorable flakiness (adding to the sense of lightness), rather than slacker bummertude...Okada’s needling naturalism has its clarifying pleasures, but it took a final-act dance break to make me curl my toes with glee."
-Helen Shaw, Time Out New York