The Sufjan Stevens Xmas Xchange Song

This is the one where Alec and I found out that the internet is a very interesting place, and that six strangers can have a very good time with tea and cookies.

To say: In 2007 Alec Duffy won the Sufjan Stevens Xmas Xchange contest with his song "Everyday is Christmas", winning full exclusive rights to an original Sufjan Stevens song, "The Lonely Man of Winter". We have since been hosting private listening sessions of the song, in which any and all can come by and listen over headphones and tea and cookies. Here's why.

This has invoked many goodtimes and fuzzyfeelings for the brave and few, and constant mindnumbing ire from various fanatical fans and internet commenters. See below for many points of view.

You can book a session by emailing sufjansong at If you don't live in Brooklyn, please ask us anyway, cause we travel a lot, and maybe you do too, and things happen. E.g. last June we had a session in Finland.

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