dave malloy

the young war

GAWK II festival, nyc, january 04
sf fringe festival, the exit theatre, september 04
dublin fringe festival, october 04
montreal infringement festival, june 05

as part of panel.animal:
the collapsable hole
, brooklyn, may 05
ontological-hysteric theater, nyc, july 05






A Banana Bag & Bodice show

written by jason craig,
then workshopped and stuff by the ensemble,
peter blomquist, jason craig, rod hipskind, jessica jelliffe, heather peroni

music by dave malloy
directed by mallory catlett

love and eggs. hot video (includes making out): here

with jeremy diffey on sax

best of sf fringe 04
reviews: here and here

"...a multifaceted, fragmented, evocative piece that manages to be funny, edgy, affecting and oddly sexy as well."

-Robert Hurwitt, SF Chronicl

"A torrent of vivid word-images, at once fleetingly familiar and disconcertingly askew. It is as if being swept into a waking dream, ineffable and unsettling on its surface, yet seductive and enticing in its power as it pulls you down, ever down in a swirling alliterative whirlpool of lust, longing and loss....Dave Malloy's original compositions tend toward Satie-inflected wistfulness."

-Brooke Stowe, Theater2k