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A Very Sandwich Christmas:
Abrons Arts Center, NYC, Dec 09

As part of Panel.Animal:
The Collapsable Hole
, Brooklyn, May 05
Ontological-Hysteric Theater, NYC, Jul 05

Original Run:
SF Fringe festival
, Exit Stage Left, Sep 03
Bigger Version, Exit On Taylor, SF, Mar 04

Video (starts with an excerpt from The Young War):

Sandwich mini gallery! (from SF '04)




A Banana Bag & Bodice Show
Written and composed and arranged and designed and decorated and put together and stuff by the ensemble:
Peter Blomquist, Rick Burkhardt, Jason Craig, Sarah Engelke, Rod Hipskind, Jessica Jelliffe, Dave Malloy and Heather Peroni.

Directed by Mallory Catlett
Music Direction/Sound Design by Dave Malloy
Lighting Design by Miranda Hardy and Jake Heinrichs
Stage Management by Cat Coffey

Alums: Meredith Eldred, Parnell Klug.

Recordings from the '05 Panel.Animal run:

sandwich flyer



Best Musical, SF Fringe 03
Reviews from 03-04: here, here, here, here and here
Reviews from the Panel.Animal run: here, here and here

"Cheerfully obscene...the company obsesses over the filthiness of consumption. While individual characters slash and stab each other, collectively they skewer American greed. Accompanied by Kurt Weill-style pounding piano, Sandwich would have made Bertolt Brecht proud (if Brecht had had a plushy fetish). Stab whom you have to for a ticket: Sandwich is play-making at its meatiest."

-Helen Shaw, Time Out New York

"With its bacon sizzling on a hotplate, anti-meat-eating plaints followed by mock-gory bunny-bashings, musical knives, piano-playing buffalo and militaristic armadillo, Sandwich is a casually madcap creation that isn't just funny and thought-provoking but funny about its thoughts and need to provoke. It's deceptively crisp, remarkably tight, cagily convoluted and curiously refreshing."

-Robert Hurwitt, SF Chronicle

sandwich cover